How to start ranking a new Wordpress blog for SEO results

06/08/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in

I'm in a flurry of setting up new Wordpress blogs on expired domains, and it's a bit overwhelming. Which content do you add first? How do you get traffic fast? One of the projects I'm working on is a site for freebies and Wordpress theme downloads, but there's already a lot of competition. How do I stand out and start ranking content?

This isn't a success story, yet - but I'll share a pretty good tip that I think is going to work. Initially, my plan was to make the theme like the demo, with a bunch of different categories. Each category page would list a gallery-type list of all the posts, which would all focus and feature on one them in particular. 

Each post would have the name of the theme and common search words, probably like "Xtheme, demo and download" - but maybe also focusing on user-case and positive benefits like "Xtheme, the best free WP theme for retired superheroes" or whatever. And that could work - the homepage would have all these posts and keywords, though it would be messy and repetitive for actual viewers.

The problem is though that I'm lazy and setting up all these posts with real content will be tricky (after all, you just copy the theme info, some reviews and some buttons to download or demo). The cool thing is, I can just link the buttons straight to the theme creator pages, so I don't really need any content - but then I also don't have any unique content so each post is unlikely to rank at all.

So instead, for the moment, I've decided on a different plan. I have ONE big post of the top 40 best free Wordpress themes. That alone isn't likely to rank all that well. However I have added a unique summary or description under each one. And they aren't just the common popular ones everybody is used to, these are curated.

I *should've* taken the pictures of each theme and put them in a cool mockup or something that stands out, but again, lazy.
And the theme I set up is nothing special yet but I can work on branding later. Here's my basic idea:

ONE big summary post on the homepage, featuring 40 best themes. I should/could reach out to those theme developers and let them know, in case they want to share. The bigger themes probably won't care they get featured all the time, but some of the smaller themes might. 

ONE big post with 40 different images; each image with title and alttext using the keywords... a massive wall of text and SEO, but also unique content. To make it shareable I have to do a bit more, something funny or clever. It's a good list already and not just cookiecutter/copy paste, but it still needs a little something awesome to get the viral stuff happening. (The stupid easy hack would be to feature an award or ranking or something those themes can display but I'm not established enough for that yet, even though a backlink-bait post like that could work).

I already f*cked up by downloading images and saving them with random junk, so the URL's aren't clean at all, but *shrug*.


4 SEO steps to rank a wordpress blog fast 

So that's step one: replacing my homepage with a big wall of text and one massive shareable post, so Google learns fast what kind of content I have. Then...

Step two: I'll build out posts for each of those top 40, with the right links to show Google I'm linking out to relevant links. I'll need to add some clever and unique content for all of those and figure out what kind of template structure I'm going to have. I'll set up my categories and get them and the tags working.

Step three: then I'll go big and deep, and also narrow. I'll do a top 10 post of just the absolute best themes. Then I'll do about 250 more themes for long-tail keywords. I already made a flat gallery page of top 250 best free wp themes but there's not much real content there so it may not rank at all, except that some people might actually prefer the simple gallery for browsing and spend longer on the page.

Step four: and then finally once it's established, I'll start making specific curated listicles, "best free WP themes for retired gardeners who love cats" or whatever, basically just reorganizing and repurposing the content I've already got set up into actionable lists.

Is it a lot of work? Yes... 
What's the point?

Well, WP themes get a lot of search traffic, and it's related to lots of high-pay affiliate programs for hosting, WP themes, logo design, content writing or other stuff.

But also - it's because I (foolishly?) bought a Wordpress theme I'm going to use for SEO experiments. More on that in another blog post.