Choosing The Best Designing Method For You

02/03/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Logo design

 Choosing The Best Designing Method For You

Since you are looking to add logos along with other similar designs to your clothing and other stuff, you have to choose between embroidery and screen printing as these are the two most widely used methods present. Choosing any one of them would provide you with quality work but on the same hand, they both possess various advantages and disadvantages.


Embroidery is considered to be more long-lasting as you might have seen with the NFL embroidery design and they also promise to put a more professional output with your uniforms. Comparatively, screen printing will be a cost-effective option for especially when you are keeping it to local services only along with larger designs.


Before you move forward with making your decision amongst these two as per your requirements, you need to look at some factors and how they perform under those circumstances.


1. Cost 


Cost is the biggest concern here regardless of you being an entrepreneur or the CEO of a well-established company. You need to spend wisely on the designing of garments or accessories customization. One thing that you should keep very clear is that none of the options would be a cheap shot and you have to spend a significant amount in both cases. 


It’s your approach that will make it cost-effective once you finalize the design, what kind of complexities are involved in it, where you are looking to get the work done, overall design size, and the quality of garment you are choosing.


If you are going with the embroidery, you can find that the costs are usually a flat-rate since it doesn’t affect the final cost based on the number of colors involved in the design. On the other hand, with screen printing, you will be putting an impact on the cost based upon the number of colors involved in the designs. With each new color, it will require an additional mesh screen which raises the costs.


2. Durability


Durability is the second most concerning factor and here the embroidered designs such as NHL embroidery designs win the race. Choosing an embroidered design method, where it is stitched right into the fabric provides you with a lasting impact as compared to the screen printed design that is put on top of the fabric instead of getting into it.


Another common issue noticed with screen printing is that after some usage, the designs start to fade, crack, and peel slowly. This is also the result of mishandled garments that were thrown off without taking the required care. 


But embroidered designs stand tall here to fight off all circumstances without getting any damage. With an excellent stitching quality, these designs can last for a very long period.


If you have a garment with a screen printed design on it, you need to take care of it with utmost caution. Failing to do so will put the damage on it in a flash, especially if you put it in the washing machine with the wrong temperature water or mistakenly put the iron on the printed portion. 


The embroidered logos won’t put you in any such trouble however the stitching can be snagged or torn off in physical mishandling. With the help of embroidery methods, you can create excellent designs that provide weight to the professional and sophisticated look for a long period. The strong thread used in them can present a shiny and eye-catching design.


3. Application


The final thing you need to keep clear while making your decision is the application of both of the available methods. Each of them has its types of qualities based on the garments. For instance, you can choose embroidery for heavier garments while screen printing is okay with the thin ones as well.


Looking at the thin or poor quality garments you can easily see that here the embroidery can’t be your best choice. The reason is that such material will pucker during embroidery. The logos which are taken after embroidery looks excellent and makes your uniform quite appealing as well along with providing long period durability. 


You have seen that the famous polo shirts with logos and even names stitched onto them has become a classic choice in the market. However, if the requirement asks for putting a larger logo on the backside then screen printing provided a better option here.


The method of screen printing serves as a better choice for t-shirts and other thin or stretchable garments. The reason why printing is suitable here because it doesn’t create the tension which was built during embroidery hence no pucker-up material.


If you are looking to prepare design or customize your t-shirts in more ways along with hoodies or similar items, you can go with the screen printing only if the design is quite large. For the small ones, embroidery is good along with long durability.