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Key-word DENSITY FOR high-quality search performance

Did you you realize that the percentage of times a keyword appears in your web page compared to the total number of words on that web page may have an effect at the page's ranking?

Positive it does, and it is known as “key-word Density.”

Mention a key-word or phrase too often and search engines will possibly frown at your website. Do it a touch much less than important and search engines like google and yahoo won't select up enough signals to rank the web page for that precise key-word.

Honestly placed, you have to get your key-word density just right for the great seek performance. No longer too much, not too little!

However how will you start calculating how commonly key phrases appear on a web page or weblog publish? Can you even do it appropriately?

It turns out you may need to get help from a dependable tool. And that is why we created this Seolivly keyword Density Checker.



Key-word Density Checker is a device built entirely for the reason of calculating the key-word density of any internet web page.


The dev team at seolivly search engine optimization gear created the device after locating out that a few marketers have been nevertheless stuffing their content with masses of keywords even without knowing it. This left their websites suffering as Google does now not need you to cram your content material with key phrases unnecessarily.

This device solves that trouble perfectly. It permits you to research either an entire net page the usage of its URL or a piece of textual content by copying and pasting.

The simplest approach of calculating key-word density is normally to divide the number of times a selected key-word is mentioned in a text through the entire wide variety of phrases in the text, after which multiply the end result via a hundred to get your percentage.

But our key-word Density device does greater than calculating keyword density. It genuinely checks for and analyzes all the top keywords used at the page or text that is being analyzed, and shows you the subsequent metrics for better seo performance and effective content optimization:


The full variety of keywords on that web page.


The web page load time, in case you're studying a URL.


A tag cloud, detailing all of the key phrases used on the analyzed web page or text.


Top key phrases used within the content material, their frequency counts, and indicators displaying whether or now not the keywords have a title, description, or <H*>.


Keyword density for each key-word or word used inside the examined content, such as their frequency of utilization and percent of utilization. Those calculations are damaged down over descending tilts of one-word key phrases, -phrase keywords, 3-word keywords, and 4-word key phrases.


This kind of sophisticated analysis permits you to easily define and end up acquainted with the share and sum of keywords used inside your content.


Key-word DENSITY best PRACTICES FOR seek

Keyword density is a fundamental a part of seo, accordingly it is essential to apprehend the way it works.

First, many human beings often ask the query:

“Does keyword density affect rating?”

Properly, there may be no official declaration from Google or any other predominant seek engine expressly mentioning that keyword density does affect ranking. But without an internet web page containing a given key-word, there is without a doubt no way the search engines like google will rank one of these page for the keyword although that is probably its goal key-word.

In different words, *keywords* are essential for a web page to reveal up in seek engine outcomes pages (search engines). AND wherein there are key phrases, keyword density need to naturally be present.

So the germane query to ask will be:

“what's the best key-word density for better ranking?”


Again, there is no actual or perfect percentage of keywords for higher rating.

As an alternative, experts (and Google) recommend writing your content in a herbal language; this is, with none in depth cramming of keywords. As a result, making use of your keywords in a herbal, contextual feel along with applicable lengthy-tail key phrases and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords works pleasant.

After developing your content material the use of a herbal language, you may then use keyword Density Checker to investigate it to be sure it isn't always overly filled with key phrases.

Key-word stuffing is taken into consideration to be a spammy exercise and a contravention of Google's webmaster pointers, and in reaction to such movements the search engine essentially lowers the scores of the web sites that ruin the guidelines.

Our loose key-word Density Checker can be useful in displaying you whether or now not your content material is full of key phrases. Normally, you can evaluate this by way of searching at the share of key-word usage below the “key-word Density” table.

If you are feeling specially concerned that a few key phrases have been cited too normally already, use this loose keyword density analyser to look how typically they appeared and reduce it the first-class manner you may.

An powerful answer is to mention your goal keywords clearly in the on-page body of your textual content and then add the identical in the meta title, description, H1, and in all likelihood the URL.

Our device does analyze textual content located within the on-page body of the content, along side content inside heading tags.

DISCLAIMER: WE DO no longer save OR VIEW YOUR content material.Our tool permits you to vet content material at once from an internet web page the use of the web page's URL.




But if the content material isn't always but published online, you may copy and paste it within the vicinity supplied in the tool the usage of the “text” choice.


If this is the case for you, we need to categorically nation that we do now not store or view your content. Your privacy is very crucial to us and we understand it.