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Hey there! Somehow you found this page behind our massive collection of free SEO tools. Well, lucky you. Not everyone makes it to this corner of the internet so congrats and salutations. We're lean and small, but typically work with 7 and 8 figure businesses who want to cut costs with organic traffic that gets more sales. Most people can't afford us, so we don't do much marketing.

But we're thinking of opening a package for smaller businesses, something like 100 posts for $10,000 that will double your traffic in 90 days. We haven't announced that officially because we could charge much more (if you're making $50K a month and we double it, you'll be getting the better deal). But if you're looking for an SEO service of company that can actually help, we're the best... if you can track us down.

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About this site: So here's the deal - I was setting up some new expired domain sites to make a little "SEO Friendly Private Public Blog Network" and using a bunch of free SEO tools.

There's a lot of them on the internet.

But most of them are ugly or buggy or nearly impossible to use because of all the spammy ads. I was shopping on Flippa for new online businesses, as one does, and found this great little site. The tools work and I enjoyed using it, so I made the owner an offer and here we are.

I LOVE branding and design, that's my thing, I enjoy taking something with promise (good free SEO tools that work) and adding personality... because just existing online and providing value isn't enough. You have to make people feel things, even if it's relief that they've finally found something to easily solve their problems that they can use again and again with upgrading, signing up or buying something. Such a small thing, but so important!

More than just free SEO tools

If I can just add a little touch of humanity to the article-spinning jibberish you find on other sites and maybe surprise and delight you a tiny bit, while also creating a smooth, clean and attractive site, I'll have done my job. But I also hope to use the blog to share some basic (and advanced) SEO tips and recommendations.

Because let's face it, you're here to boost traffic.
Just like I am...

A few years ago I was coasting on passive income, playing video games all day, selling books and courses. But then Google stopped sending me traffic and I had to go back to work. I should've just figured out my content strategy and used Jarvis to generate a bunch of very effective SEO-optimized blog content for my DR70 blog... but I'm lazy.

So instead I bought a bunch of weird and random expired domains and used them to build up my own platforms to link back to my money sites so I could rank #1 in Google and start raking in cash again. It's not *that* hard to do, though there is a lot of competition. But it's fun.

I'm writing this "about page" for me as much as for you - to define my brand and purpose and what I want this site to become. So I'll leave you with that tip: use your about page to explain the purpose of your site, what it offers and how it's different. Don't talk about yourself, talk about the value you provide to your target audience.

I'm hoping, despite all the other sites out there with similar tools, that this is the one you enjoy using. But I also hope you'll check out our articles on the crazy SEO experiments we're conducting; we take big risks so you don't have to.

We play a dangerous game, but that's because if you're not on the first page of Google, you practically don't exist, and we're willing to fight for online visibility as long as we believe we're providing better value and content.

Along the way we'll softly recommend a few products and affiliate stuff we like, and it would help us out if you click on our links if you're already thinking of buying something.

Our website scanner and site audit

All free SEO tools are great, but our website scanner is something else... it's much slower than everyone else's, but that's because it does a lot more. Personally, I kind of like the much simpler tool we put together as a backup, which is minimal and clean. If you're like me (not a developer) and just need some quick practical tips to fix low-hanging fruit and common SEO problems, it'll help you figure out what to do - but the main tool is robust and slick, with lots of bells and whistles for serious developers.

But hey, let's be honest. If you were really a serious developer you wouldn't still be using free tools. Even though our stuff is great, when you start playing with the big boys and trying to rank against big money, million-dollar companies, you'll probably want to upgrade to some premium resources.

Here's a very short list of things I've been using recently.

1. SEO surfer

Maybe it's just me, but I've played with lots of premium SEO tools and never really "got" them or how they work or what I was supposed to do. I started using SEO surfer recently and here's what I love:

- I can very quickly copy/paste content from my competitors so I know exactly what keywords, headings, etc I must have in my article, and it'll give me a score.

- I can investigate other websites and see what ALL their traffic is coming from, so I know I can just take the top 20 articles or so that are driving most of their traffic and focus on those... and then do that for 10 other sites. So I don't need to wonder what I should write about or keep up with trends, I just write the content people are actively searching for and try to get a piece of that pie.

2. Jarvis

I know there are other AI article writers out there. I tested quite a few of them; Jarvis is by far the best. Once you do your research and have your headings, subheadings, common questions, etc, you just hit the button and Jarvis spits out grammatically clean content that sounds human and is even surprisingly well-written; you can even add a voice like "snarky" or "evil bastard" and it will come up with some real creative stuff. It's good at confidently lying though so sometimes it makes stuff up that sounds true, and you should always fact check it.

3. DomCop

I use a few tools to search for expired domains, but I made the mistake of spending way too much money on a few without doing my research. I hated having to pay to use the service but I love the features - so I can quickly see the DA rank change over time for example, and only choose sites with a steady, consistent score instead of a 7500% rank increase in three months.

I also like that it clearly marks whether something has been flagged as a spammy domain.

That, paired with Ahrefs free backlink checker has helped me ignore the flashy stuff (70+DA with crappy backlinks from directories and profile spamming) and focus on the solid, reputable sites with a juicy backlink profile.

4. Web Hosting

Honestly I'll need to get back to you on this one. I've never really been happy with anything... I moved away from GoDaddy awhile back for Siteground; now both have gone for a simpler interface with less control. I have some tools on Firebase and some on Linode... But in most cases, you'll just want something that can handle wordpress and some decent traffic, unless (like me) you've got tools that rack up a ton of executions and files uploading and downloading.

Is there a "best" option? Probably not... I'd probably prefer a managed wordpress hosting like WPEngine if I only had one site, but since I often have a dozen on one server, I tend to go for a mid-grad option with about 2GB or ram and 20GB of storage. It probably won't matter than much until you're getting traffic.

I love Wordpress for most sites and I'll add a list of my favorite themes in the blog somewhere; and then of course there's a ton of great plugins for SEO and site-speed optimization. (Our free tools will show you the problems, but most of them could probably be fixed with one good plugin).

But enough about me...

This site is for everyone and I'm glad you're here, but I like to imagine that you're a small business owner, a creative lifestyle blogger, someone with products to sell, or someone being paid to do this SEO stuff for other people. You're here because you're not happy with your traffic or your Google ranking and you're trying to do better, but maybe all the techy, coding stuff can feel overwhelming.

Maybe you're not sure where to get started, and need a little help in the right direction. I'm not saying we offer *good* advice (honestly we have no idea what we're doing) but we are pretty open about what we're trying out and will post case studies with results on our blog.

If you're new here - I hope you'll come back, and if you think the subtle design and free SEO tools we offer stand out by being low-key quality instead of anxiety-inducing spamtraps, we hope you'll share and link back to us. (You know all those lists of "Best Free SEO Tools?" Well, we're pretty new, so you won't find us on those yet, but if you help spread the word, I'm sure we'll get there).

We're not quite open to Guest Posts yet, because we're working to get Google to trust us, but this site does have a decent DA and getting a backlink from us isn't out of the question if you're in a related field. We'll definitely post about that later with a way to contact us.