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Website Auditor Tool is a 100% free website's technical SEO audit tool. Submit your website link below to check your website's health score and technical errors.

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About Website Auditor

Like your car needs regular servicing, the website needs a regular technical SEO audit. Most website owners may be unaware of it, and many beginner online workers do not afford to hire a web designer/developer to audit their websites. To support them, the SEOLivly team developed the free tool called “Website Auditor Tool”.

The website auditor tool is the most helpful online tool for any website owners. It helps for evaluating the website's technical error and search engine friendliness.

Many small to large businesses websites often face SEO errors, user experiences, and technical errors on their website. These issues can harm your website. As a result, it can decrease the search engine visibility and drop the organic traffic as well.

Website Auditor Tool's Technical SEO Audit Checklist