Choosing a web hosting provider

01/30/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Web hosting

 Choosing a web hosting provider





Choosing a web host is not difficult, although finding good and not good options can be a long and tedious experience - especially if you are making a decision and creating a blog or website for the first time.


For example, a free web hosting service provider places ads on your website. That's how they make money, and you have no idea what ads will appear on your website. So, if you want to develop trust among visitors to the Medical Doctor site, advertising the "Weekend" dating service will not brighten you up. Avoid free hosts.

That means you have to spend something every month on it. You will have to pay a set of sign-up fees, maintenance fees, and other fees that end up on your margin. No, choosing a web host is not rocket science, but you should at least know what questions to ask.


They are here.


1. How can I ask questions?

Wow, good question, the question is over. If you have no contact information, no helpdesk, no tech support, you cannot ask web host questions. Some hosts manage client care live chat / via email, and when your website disappears, and you are thinking about this 404 error message on your computer screen, email the host. After 28 hours, an email response that you are effectively hidden. For 28 hours.

And if your site is offline, you will be blamed. SEO (search engine optimizer) refers to "lack of site access" as the number one negative ranking factor in search engines. Google is not going to send visitors to inaccessible sites, so you need a quick fix.

Make sure the web host displays multiple means of communication. Especially toll-free telephone numbers. Emails are fine for billing questions and other issues that are not time-sensitive. A down website still needs fixing. You want this toll free number 24/7/365.


2. Where are customer care and tech support located?


First, you want customer care and technical support based in the United States. Many web hosting companies outsource this work to talk to someone from 12 time zones to try to find out where your website went from.

The tech support services should be just below the hall from the room so that when a problem arises, someone can fix it quickly.


3. What do I get with my website?



You will need everything to create the website you want and the kind of website you want on a budget. Provide your web host with website templates for beginners (use them if you're starting) to enable blog integration, checkout, and the ability to opt-out of the site with the blank slate option.



4. How much experience do you have?


Find a company that has a long lineage on the web. Experience in collaborating with a large client base, dozens of servers, and clients. A college kid can become a hosting seller by renting a server space. So you think you are working with Bob's hosting company, but in fact, your site is on a server in the Philippine earthquake zone.

Oh, and when Bob graduates, he can turn over his laptop and move on to the green pastures, trying to figure out where your web business has gone.


5. What kind of server-side security do you use?


Search for hard-wired firewalls, firewall software, anti-spyware, and anti-virus security servers. A well-known host has multiple layers of security, so ask about security being useless. Your host representative will be proud to understand, assuming you are talking to a standard hosting company.


6. What happens when my web business grows?


Well, for one thing, you start making online money. But you want to expand. Find a flexible host with a flexible plan that allows you to grow faster by adding more services, more products, archives, and other site features.


7. What if I hate it?


W3 l of each. No, although there are more than 122 million websites and 6,000 new launches every day. But you may find that it is too complex, too productive, or too much.

Quality hosts don't want to lock you into a long-term deal. They don't want unhappy customers. They want happy customers. Therefore, a standard web host will offer a 30-day trial period so that you can take your new website out for a test drive. Using BTW templates, building and maintaining a website is very automated and easy and does not take much time.


But if a website doesn't have your cup of tea, look for a host that offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee.



8. Can I register my domain through you?


Any hosting company is equipped to enter a domain name - your URL or web address. However, if you register your domain with Host B and then choose Host A, you must redirect your domain or move it to a new host. You think

Register your domain name with a hosting company that will rent you this disk space every month. Makes life on the web easier.


9. What can I learn from the host's website?


Website host's "brand" - reflects its corporate culture. Some use "funny" logos and radical fonts to target "younger" demographics. Other hosts are more professional and spend time explaining their corporate values, such as client satisfaction, tech support, commitment to reasonable prices, and good value. If you are serious about your website, go with a host who is serious about web hosting.

Everything from the logo to the site text language describes the company's brand. Which would you choose? Wild techno jacks or clean design and quality information provided by a host use their own corporate culture separately.


10. Does the host use green technology?


The web has grown exponentially over the years, from business innovation to business needs. From spare room businesses to multinational parties, web presence is almost a necessity.

This means that more energy consumption, expanded infrastructure, and more servers loaded with toxins end up in our landfills, and this is an issue that will only increase.



Green hosting is not a thing of the past or something of the '60s. This is the future of hosting, which must be. Finding a host that employs wind power to generate juice to run the server for hosting the website.

Find water-cooled servers that use recycled water instead of energy goblins to cool these servers' racks, one of which is where your site resides.

UniqueStar Hosting also makes a statement about your company's corporate culture and your concern for the planet's future. That's a good thing. Seeing the "green" logo on your site's homepage is also a trust builder and brand builder.

Look, it wasn't that hard. Pick up the phone (assuming there is a telephone connection option) and start asking questions. Your web host is your online partner.