How to get influencers to share your content

06/08/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in

I heard this tip from someone on a Reddit forum and it lowkey blew my mind. Basically this: you use a tool to scrape info from curated blogs in your niche. was the one recommended. Anyway you build an email list of these people, then you target them (and only them) with unique Facebook ads.

I met a guy who targeted his college roomate with hyper-specific, personalized Facebook ads just to troll him. It's kind of like that.

In a previous post I was talking about how I bought a wordpress theme as an SEO hack, so let me continue with that example.

#1 I have a free theme but I need people to share it.
#2 I find everybody who has blogged about the "best free WP themes"
#3 I get their emails and target them

A: I could either/also target all the creators of the top 40/top 10 wordpress blog listicles I'm creating - featuring their theme, making sure to add their theme into a header image so they can see/recognize that *their* theme has been awarded/chosen/on the list. That's a good idea too.

B: but mainly, I'd target people who have written about best free wordpress themes. I'd either focus on my own list, which includes my theme; or JUST feature my theme with all the best, most interesting benefits. It also looks pretty nice which is a plus.

I should probably do both/all of the above until it works. They'd check out my website which doesn't suck, see my theme which doesn't suck, and make a note to either add it to their list or make a new list and feature it next time.

Why would they do that?

Because influencers survive by finding new, interesting, relevant content for their audience. I've just made it easy for them by showing up.