What are the benefits of the podcast and how to create one for your business?

01/29/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Business


The podcast as a marketing strategy: what are the benefits and how to create one for your business




About 36% of the world's population has listened to a podcast in the last month. I'm sure you've listened to podcasts on a personal or professional level too. It is clear, the podcast is a content format on the rise.



 And so, without even realizing it, this Marketing tool is winning the hearts of users by leaps and bounds. What is your business doing about it? Have you considered the possibility of including a podcast as a Digital Marketing strategy? What benefits would it bring? How to start creating one? Let's see it!



Why integrate the podcast as a Digital Marketing strategy in your project?



If there is one aspect that prevails above the rest in Marketing, it is the consideration of the client as the epicenter of the entire strategy. You have to give the customer what he wants and if the statistics reveal that today's consumer is listening to the podcast, what do you have to give him? Indeed: content in audio format.



Because that's the podcast, a digital audio file available on the Internet that can be listened to from an application or downloaded directly to an electronic device. Podcasts are often mass-produced and users can subscribe to receive alerts each time a new episode is released.



We have indeed known the podcasting format for a few years now. However, 2020 has been a considerable turning point concerning the popularity of the podcast as a result of the increase in the quality of the content produced and a much easier distribution thanks to the increase in podcast hosting platforms. And, the trend in 2021 is that it continues to grow.



Besides, it is curious to observe how the podcast triumphs among the younger population. They are the ones who spend more time connected to their smartphones and, therefore, are more likely to listen to podcasts than those over 55 years of age.




The attractions of this content format include ease of use, the ability to consume it while attending to another matter - yes, the famous multitasking - and control over the content that is consumed - the user chooses what they want to listen to from a wide range of podcasting.

Those millions of users who listen to podcasts every month give your business an incredible potential audience that you should tap into.

Let's see what specific benefits the podcast implies as a Marketing strategy :


Increase the visibility of your brand and diversify your Content Marketing strategy: Perhaps you already have a presence on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, right? Well, the podcast can become another new communication channel that allows you to reach new potential customers. In this way, your digital presence will be reinforced by increasing the visibility of your business.

Increase the loyalty and loyalty of your followers: The key to an effective podcast strategy is to create content aligned with your Marketing objectives and regularly. There is no use creating an episode and not showing signs of life again for 6 months. The strategy should be regular - similar to the concept of a blog - so that your subscribers know when to expect new content from your company.

Improve your organic positioning (SEO): Google announced it a few months ago, podcasts will begin to appear in the general results —SERPs— that the search engine returns. This is a great opportunity for those businesses that are working on their podcast well since they can sneak into the top positions of Google and gain a large amount of organic traffic to their projects.

Empower your authority within your industry: What better way to become an opinion leader and demonstrate your expertise than through podcast conversations? Trust is key in selling online, and the podcast is a great format to foster that bond and position yourself as a specialist.



How to take the first steps to integrate the podcast as a marketing strategy?


If you are already clear about the idea of ​​betting on a podcast as a Digital Marketing strategy that boosts the visibility and profitability of your business, surely you are interested in knowing what steps you should take to give life to this new tactic.




The first step is to identify your audience to determine what type of content could connect with them. Yes, podcasting content continues to be king. What does this statement mean? Well, the key to ensuring the success of a podcast is to bet on quality, unique, valuable, entertaining content that is relevant to your audience.


Once you are clear about what your podcast will be like and what exactly you are going to say to attract that previously defined audience, it's time to shape it on a technical level. To start a podcast you don't need to have the best equipment in the world, just have a simple smartphone or PC attached to a microphone (an investment of € 60 will be enough) to start taking the first steps.



In this sense, I recommend you bet on the concept of the Minimum Viable Product. It is a basic version of your product that will allow you to detect if your audience enjoys it and, from there, continue to build and invest in a quality team.


Once you have the recording file, which you have been able to edit and produce with software such as GarageBand or Audacity, it is time to upload it to the podcast hosting platform - web server. Some of the best known are Ivoox, Podomatic, SoundCloud, or Spreaker.


The last step is to promote your new podcast. Social Networks are perfect for getting the word out. Also, you must notify those subscribers who follow you through other channels such as e-mail. Submitting your podcast to podcast aggregators, known as podcatchers, or conducting interviews on your show with influencers in your industry can also help boost your podcast's visibility.



Also don't forget YouTube, the second most popular search engine after Google. You can publish your podcasts on this social network and optimize them so that users reach them when they search the platform.

Integrating the podcast into the Digital Marketing strategy of your business can bring you many good things. If you are planning how to guide your online presence in 2021, reflect on this powerful tool that can bring you a little closer to your professional goals.


What do you say? Would you dare to launch a podcast as a marketing strategy?