Why Semrush is the best SEO reporting software for online growth?

05/26/2021 12:00 AM by Jim Heaton in Software, tool

Semrush is one of the best online SEO reporting software available in the SEO field. Semrush has devolved a lot from its beginning and grown in every aspect to provide a better service.

Semrush was first started as a small group of SEO and IT specialists in 2008. Later, it has become one of the best SEO reporting software in the entire world.

Semrush acquired its first 1000 customers in 2010. Now, Semrush has more than 67,000 paying customers and 471,000 active users. The 471,000 active users come under both free and paid plans of Semrush .

Top Features of Semrush

Being the best SEO reporting tool in the world, Semrush delivers various features and tools in many categories. It has a total of 46 tools designed for increasing the speed performance and overall SEO score of the website. The 46 tools have been classified into 9 categories. Among them, most of the tools come under the SEO category. Some of the top toolkits and tools by the  Semrush are given below.

• SEO Toolkit
- Keyword Magic Tool
- SEO Content Template
- Organic Research
- On-Page SEO Checker
• Advertising Toolkit
- PPC Keyword Tool
- CPC Map
• Competitive Research Toolkit
- Backlink Analytics
- Market Explorer
- Traffic Analytics


Semrush vs other SEO Tools

There are many popular SEO reporting tools in the SEO software market having similar features to Semrush.

Among them, the top 3 best SEO reporting software products are Moz Pro, Ahref and Ubersuggest. Let us find out which is the best SEO reporting software by comparing their features.


1. Semrush vs Moz Pro

The first tool that comes against Semrush is Moz Pro. Moz Pro is also the best SEO reporting tool that offers many free services.

Their services are well recognized by many people but you have to know which is the best SEO reporting tool – Semrush or Moz Pro.


Keyword Research

Semrush is an advanced tool for keyword analysis and research. It has huge keyword databases for keyword research in the industry. It has more than 20 billion keywords stored in the database, and it is the largest compared to other competitor SEO reporting tools.

To estimate a software as the best one for keyword research, they should provide many things like the ranking difficulty, the number of people searching for the keyword, how big pages are already ranked with high domain authority, etc.

Both  Semrush and Moz Pro are good at analyzing these things. But  Semrush tends to perform better in this field. Because it has the largest keyword database in the industry, and it is larger than the keyword database of Moz Pro.
Semrush provides the most accurate keyword volume, but Moz Pro does not provide accurate keyword volume.


Site Audit and SEO Report

Semrush is the master SEO tool that provides everything with accurate numbers.

The interface of the  Semrush also makes it one of the best choices for beginners and industry experts. The site audit page of  Semrush looks very user-friendly.

The other important thing in the  Semrush is the health percentage of your site, and when it is low, it will remind you through the mail.

Moz Pro also has a user-friendly interface. Moz pro finds and helps you fix some basic SEO mistakes like length URLs, H1 tags, etc.

But when we compare the overall site audit and SEO report, then  Semrush is the undefeated king in this section.

Many industry experts and SEO experts prefer and use  Semrush as their SEO reporting tool.


MOZ Pro vs Semrush Overall

Moz Pro offers only a few features for a similar price as Semrush. Semrush can be used and recommended by many SEO industry experts and suggested to use in all types of business.

But the Moz Pro is suggested to use only for small and medium businesses. So the clear winner and the best SEO software tool is Semrush.


2. Semrush vs Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another leading SEO reporting tool available these days.
See the comparison & similarity in these two advanced SEO reporting software and find out which is suitable for your use, Semrush vs Ahrefs.

Keyword Research

Semrush is the undefeated king and best SEO reporting tool ever made when discussing keyword research functions.

Semrush focuses more on developing quality keyword research functions, while Ahrefs has impressive UX and UI design. Semrush also has excellent UX design, but Ahrefs UX design is better and more user-friendly.

But, Semrush is always better and more potent than Ahrefs keyword reporting tool in the view of quality and depth of the keyword research function. In this comparison, we can understand that Semrush is the best tool providing quality keyword research results.

Competitor Research

Both Ahref and Semrush delivers good SEO records of your competitor. But when discussing which one is more reliable, Ahrefs vs Semrush.

My preference will always be Semrush as it has many internal explicit features to do better competitor analysis.

Ahrefs also provides a good competitor research report, but when compared to Semrush, it's not enough to beat Semrush features.

Backlinks Analysis

When discussing backlink reviews, both online SEO software provides excellent backlink analysis reports. But Semrush has more prominent link index features, which helps to beat the Ahrefs backlink analysis.


Technical Research

In technical research, both SEO tools have their advantages and disadvantages. Semrush again comes to be the best SEO reporting tool in this feature. However, Ahrefs provides insights faster than Semrush, but Semrush has a lot of data in it.

If you want a fast and user-friendly interface, then go for Ahrefs. But if you need quality data and a strong site audit feature, Semrush is a perfect choice.


Semrush vs Ahrefs Overall

However, the pricing is similar to each other, but when it comes to quality and in-depth analysis reports of data, Semrush appears as a winner. But the only thing Ahrefs provides better than Semrush is its user-friendly interface. Ahrefs is easier to use when compared to Semrush.


3. Semrush vs Ubersuggest

Semrush and Ubersuggest are the more popular and best SEO reporting tools. Both have various features which will help you to use your time efficiently in SEO.

Will Ubersuggest be a perfect rival and takedown Semrush? Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of Ubersuggest and Semrush.


Keyword Research

Semrush has more keyword suggestions than Ubersuggest. It has nearly 20 billion keywords in its Keyword Magic tool. When you enter a keyword in Ubersuggest, it will give you the keyword insights such as average monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC (Cost per click). But in Semrush, the keyword magic tool has a lot of advanced filter options. Those filter options will provide in-depth insights into the keyword. You can also get suggested long-tail keywords from Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool.

Competitive Research

Semrush excels in competitive research when compared to Ubersuggest. Semrush is popular for its robust and visually appealing dashboard which is better than Ubersuggest.

Semrush goes through your competitor's website completely and then provides more sets of robust data on it.

However, Ubersuggest also provides a good competitive research report but it does not give more in-depth data like Semrush.


On-page and technical SEO

Both Semrush and Ubersuggest provide good support for On-page and technical SEO. They go through your website and find out the factors that are negatively affecting your site and give a brief report about the error.

Semrush has an SEO writing assistant which makes it the best SEO reporting tool and helps to beat its competitor. The SEO writing assistant provides more support to write well-researched SEO content.


Semrush vs Ubersuggest Overall

Semrush is the clear winner against the Ubersuggest in many aspects. But Ubersuggest is a cost-efficient SEO tool so for people who have a low budget for an SEO tool then you can go with Ubersuggest.

But if you want deep insights and advanced SEO tools then no one can join Semrush.