How To Start A Trading Business In Dubai?

01/30/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Business, trading

How To Start A Trading Business In Dubai?

Dubai is one of the world’s premier trading hubs and a prestigious member of the World Trade Organization. Investors and businessmen get ample opportunities for open trading, regional and global trading alongside several other beneficial trading operations. Dubai’s perfect location and world-class transportation facilities also empower import-export businesses to prosper in this region.

The most common trading entities comprise gas and oil, foodstuff, and medicinal supplies. Expats and locals – both enjoy hassle-free trading business in Dubai, thanks to the supportive laws and empowering jurisdiction. The infrastructural advancements that the UAE has observed in the past few years has also been unprecedented. Convenient availability of resources, labor, water & electricity, and easy access to airports and harbors make company commencement simpler than ever.

Why Do Investors Prefer to Establish their Trading Company in Dubai?

Dubai allows the trading of a wide array of products, and therefore, it’s a no-brainer choice for entrepreneurs and new-age investors. Some of the reasons why people prefer to start their trading company in Dubai include:

1. A Vibrant Economy

The Leaders of Dubai and the UAE are visionaries and leave no stone unturned to upscale the country’s economy. Their efforts have ensured that Dubai continues to behold a vibrant economy that attracts foreign investors and local businessmen to form their trading company here. Moreover, the aggressive yet sustainable growth patterns of Dubai’s economy make it everyone’s first choice for business establishment.

2. Multiple Business Structures

If you want to enjoy 100% ownership of your company, you can launch your business in the free zone. If you prefer to have increased exposure to the UAE’s local market, you can go for a mainland establishment by forming a Limited Liability Company. Furthermore, you also have the option to form your company in offshore lands that have independent legislative bodies. The decision boils down to the business structure that’s best suited for your activities. The business experts in Dubai help you with the same, so you don’t suffer in the long run.

3. Dubai’s Strategic Geographic Location

Trading business involves the import and export of specific goods periodically. As a business owner, you would prefer to set up your trading company at a location that allows easy access to various parts of the world. Therefore, Dubai, the epicenter of a plethora of trading activities, is the perfect choice for you. You have convenient connectivity to MENA countries, the entire Indian subcontinent, and parts of Europe too.

4. World-Class Infrastructure

The lack of appropriate infrastructure curbs down your business aspirations and significantly hampers growth. However, when you decide to set up your trading venture in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about these aspects. People love doing business in Dubai because of the world-class infrastructure it provides. You get access to cutting-edge technologies, premium office space, and more when you work in Dubai.

5. Trade and Tax Policies

Trading businesses in Dubai observe swift growth and the revenue charts always move in a positive direction. It’s because the region has lenient trading policies such as minimal to no duty on imports, avoidance of double taxation, hassle-free re-export activities, and much more. The government supports trading business in Dubai by offering several tax advantages to the investors. You’re also allowed to establish open trade relations with different economies, and Dubai’s jurisdiction doesn’t charge anything additional for it.

How to Start a Trading Company in Dubai?

You need to follow a simple yet duly monitored process to launch your trading company in Emirates. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to fathom the entire process:

1. Decide the Business Activities

Crystal-clear understanding of all operations – major or minor, helps you list down the activities associated with your trading business. You should know the target market, your targeted audience, team size, rental space requirements, etc., to formulate a holistic blueprint of how your company would work once it’s launched. The same would also determine the cost, licensing, visa application, and more.

2. Reserve a Trade Name

Trade name reservation is mandatory for all companies irrespective of their governing jurisdiction. The name should have offensive words, terms that ignite negativity or hint towards any form of racism or discrimination. Ensure that you’re using the full name if you want to use a person’s name as your legal trade name.

3. Choose the Preferred Jurisdiction

When you choose a jurisdiction that compliments your trading business, you save a handful of money, and business operations also pan out smoothly. Furthermore, with more than 40 free zones in the UAE, you have a lot of options to choose from. If none align with your goals, you can have a mainland establishment or an offshore company formation. You need to partner with a reliable local sponsor for a mainland set up. Select the jurisdiction and company structure wisely as it’ll significantly impact the behavior and existence of your trading venture.

4. Obtain Your Trading License

Submission of the trade name reservation certificate along with a few documents helps you obtain the initial approval certificate. To acquire a general trading license, you’ll have to procure a few external approvals as well depending on the concerned governing authority. Once done, you have to apply for the general trading license and pay the issuance and licensing fees.

5. Manage Visas and Corporate Bank Account

You get a fixed number of visas depending on your company registration application. If you need more visas, you need to follow the set rules and you'll acquire them in quick time. Having a corporate bank account is always beneficial when you’re doing business in Dubai. You can open your account in any bank of your choice after analyzing their offerings. That’s it. You can now launch your trading company in Dubai.

Documents Required to Start Such a Business in the UAE

All the governing authorities thoroughly evaluate your documents. Therefore, it’s critical to submit the right documents and fill the applications correctly. Here’s the list of documents you’ll need to form your trading company:

  • Passport copies of shareholders and managers

  • MoA and LSA agreement

  • License application duly signed by company representatives

  • Tenancy contract and office space approval

  • Partnership agreement signed before a notary

Shuraa – Your Business Companion

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