What are the profit of VOIP for small businesses?

01/25/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Business

 What is the profit of VOIP for small businesses? 


Your call representatives–whether support agents or sales reps–play a vital role in driving revenue and ensuring a seamless customer experience. If your call reps are doing their job well, your business will enjoy effortless customer acquisition and retention. 



But if they’re not productive, your company will have a hard time. Traditional phone systems do exactly that. They make your customers underproductive and inefficient. 


VOIP software solutions can help.


In this post, we’ll discuss how using a modern-day VOIP system for small business can improve your call reps’ performance. 



1. Enhances Staff Productivity and Efficiency


Your customer service agents and sales reps have a lot on their plate apart from making and receiving calls. They need to update customer data, send emails, manage social media all at once. 


Then, there are call-related tasks such as following up with prospects, approaching new prospects etc. 




Manually doing all this work can be time-consuming and hurt your reps’ efficiency. A VOIP phone system for small business automates these processes. As a result, your agents can be more productive and focus on what they do the best–talk to your customers. 



2. Reduces Operational Expenses


Implementing a VOIP telephone system is surely a considerable investment, but it comes with guaranteed positive returns. Traditional phone systems require you to set up calling lines, purchase hardware, and ensure consistent maintenance and upgrades. 



On the other hand, a VOIP software system is cloud-based. All the calls are facilitated over the internet, so you don’t need to set up any communication lines. And since the solution runs on the cloud, there’s no need to install and maintain expensive hardware. 



3. Provides Seamless Scalability


Let’s say you’re a small business with 20 call representatives. One fine day, you decide to scale up your operations and expand your team to 50 reps. 


In the case of a traditional phone system, you’ll need to set up new lines and install new devices. The upgrade will be time-consuming and costly. 


VOIP systems are scalable. If you want to expand your team, you can upgrade to a bigger plan that allows you to add more users. No complex processes. 


Moreover, scaling a VOIP system is irreversible. If in the future, you want to scale down, you can subscribe to a lower plan. But when it comes to traditional phone systems, there’s no way back. 


4. Enables Remote Work


COVID-19 has permanently changed workforce operations. Remote work has become the norm, and companies need to adapt. 


If you’re working with conventional phone systems, remote work isn’t an option. Your reps will need to be at the office making calls from the telephone devices. If not, your business will choke. 


VOIP phone system for small businesses is accessible from any smartphone. Your reps can install the VOIP software on their laptops and mobile devices and work remotely. This seamless accessibility ensures that your business stays up and running irrespective of the circumstances. 



5. Makes Call Recording and Monitoring Possible


Your call reps are representatives of your brand. The way they talk and interact with the customers determines how customers see your brand. If your customers aren’t providing a superior quality experience, your customers will start looking for other options. 



A VOIP telephone system comes with a built-in call recording feature. It automatically records all customer interactions. You can later analyze these recordings to train your reps and improve their performance. 



6. Allows Multiple Numbers


A VOIP phone system for small businesses makes buying and using a new phone number easy and effortless. You can get geographic and non-geo numbers and assign them to your reps. The system enables you to either set all numbers to a single extension or divide them across multiple extensions. 



Many VOIP systems also enable you to buy country-specific numbers so that you can look more credible and trustworthy to your customers. The registration process is seamless, and the number is instantly activated. This way, you can scale your operations globally and cater to a worldwide customer base. 



7. Simplifies Conferencing


Since most reps are working from home, the need for videoconferencing has increased. Setting up a videoconferencing call is a tedious task in the case of the traditional telephone system. You must install dedicated phone lines and pay for hosting multiple carriers. 



Since a VOIP telephone system utilizes the internet to connect calls, you don’t have to set up new lines or pay additional hosting costs. You can start a video conference call in a few clicks and send invites for users to join. 





Customers love brands that prioritize communication. By providing a pleasant voice call experience to your prospects, you can win their trust and turn them into loyal customers. Therefore, using a VOIP phone system for small businesses has become a necessity for all forward-thinking small businesses.